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Posted on: July 30, 2009

Idiyappam is an all time favourite of all Keralites.
One of my uncles doesnt like it though, he feels its too light, and he never feels full after eating it 😉

Ram’s colleague was here on a weekend. Ramnath always mentions a lot about him.
So when Ram mentioned that I should be making some Indian dishes. Something that came to my mind was idiyappam. Its easy and can be made fast. I served him idiyappam with egg roast, in typical Kerala style.


rice flour – 1cup
salt -1/4 tsp
boiled water – 1 cup
Coconut scraped – a little

– add salt to rice flour
– add boiling water to the powder
– add water little by little and keep mixing with a spoon as its very hot.
– make a very soft dough out of it
– stuff the dough in a seva nazhi
– the idiyappam is placed on idli stand in layers.
-press a layer of idiyappam first, place a little coconut scraped and then press idiyappam once again over the coconut(this helps in steaming).
– steam it (20-25 min).
– In case you dont have a idli stand u can use a steel vessel which fits into another vessel or cooker for steaming. But u do need a seva nazhi.
– u can use a knife to check if the idiyappam is ready
– if soft it comes out nicely rather than a paste.

Another alternative for those abroad and dont get rice flour or dont have a seva nazhi, you can make idiyappam with rice noodles. I used to do this initially in Mauritius as I didnt have a seva nazhi. First cook rice noodles and drain away the water. Then steam it with coconut placed in between. It tastes good!!

-serve it hot with egg roast, potato stew, kadala curry. I like it even with sugar or milk and sugar. it tastes equally good. 🙂



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hmmmmmmmm, someone seems to be keeping a track of quantity and measurements while cooking

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