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Posted on: July 30, 2009

My initial trial of making appam was in Bangalore. Double horse Appam podi was available, but it never came out very soft for me. I was lazy to try the traditional way of cooking.

In Mauritius we don’t get those ready mix. So I decided to try the traditional way, I got tips from my in-law and my mom. Tried both I guess my mom’s was better but still wasn’t satisfactory. But my mom never keeps a track on the measurement, she adds ingredients based on her senses:-) like how I do normally. I guess I got my flair from her.

When dad and mom visited us in December last year. I noted the measurements. The appam was absolutely soft. My mom said its to do with the yeast that was available here. Actually appam batter was ready even faster. She bought several of those yeast packs when she left Mauritius.

well here’s the recipe:

To make Yeast solution
instant yeast – 1/2 tsp
sugar – 1 tsp
Luke warm water-1/4 cup

raw rice – 1 and 3/4 cup
coconut scraped – 1/2 cup
salt – 1/2 tsp
sugar – 3 tbsp
coconut milk -1/2 cup
water – 1 cup

– Soak 1 and 1/2 cup raw rice for 6-7 hrs
– cook 1/4 cup rice
– add yeast and sugar to Luke warm water (shouldn’t boil water, just a little hot).
– keep it aside for 10-15 min
– wash raw rice properly and grind with 1/2 cup water
– then add cooked rice and grind
– next add coconut scraped and add 1/2 cup water and grind
– add sugar, salt and coconut milk and grind
– at the end add the yeast solution and mix again
– feel the appam batter, it should be smooth with no much rice pieces
– then keep aside in a big vessel. The batter should not be more than 1/2 of the vessel
– keep aside the batter for overnight. (~8hrs)
– next day , you can find the batter has fermented and risen. When you stir you can see bubbles
– add another spoon of sugar
– now heat a kadai/wok . once heated, pour one ladle full batter
– take kadai in hand and rotate so as to spread the batter to make a large circle
– we prefer uniformly thin appam so I dont leave much batter on the center
– if centre thickness is required, rotate kadai, just to spread the appam and let the rest batter settle to the centre
– close the lid and let it steam, may take a minute or 2. Need not flip sides like dosa
– serve hot with any gravy, we normally have it with potato stew, egg roast, kadala curry or coconut scraped fry chutney
– enjoy!!


3 Responses to "Vellayappam"

Heeey! Thank you so much for this!!! Didn’t know that it takes that long to prepare. Hehehe but let me try it 🙂 wonder if will worry if it will work with Japanese rice. :b

I dont think type of rice would be a prob, only issue is in fermenting!! if its cold climate it takes a little longer. Else u can try keeping the batter in a microwave with its light on.:-) that speeds up fermentation. before keepin batter in microwave, just preheat microwave for a min, so that microwave remains warm.

Hello Sree! I’m also from Mauritius and I love Indian food! I was wondering where to find a good recipe for Appam (especially since we do not easily find some ingredients for Indian food, like Kudam Puli, Idli rice, Pav Bhaaji Masala, etc… in Mauritius). Thank you! I’ll definitely try this recipe! I also wanted to know whether you have tried to make a crispy dosa batter. I tried and it was a complete disaster. Do let us know! Cheers!

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