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Posted on: July 31, 2009

Location: Travel / Mauritius / Flic-en-Flac

From Quatre Borne and Port loius there are buses to Flic en Flac. Bus frequency is good.

Flic en Flac is situated at the south west of Mauritius. The name Flic en Flac means “free and Flat land”. In 60’s, it was known for its cemetery. We did see that, actually it looked very beautiful with lots of flowers for the beloved ones.

The beach is easy on the eyes! Huge crowd on weekends though! There are lots of restaurants nearby itself so no worries of food. You get all cuisines too. Me being a vegetarian, I wouldnt say Mauritius has the best cuisines. Ya there are lots of fast food counters at the beach.

If you love swimming, u can carry extra pair of dresses. There are changing rooms and toilets too at the beach. A walk along the beach was really refreshening. The sight of white sand and the emerald color water, is so reinvigorating.
Well one thing I noticed was there werent any life guards which is common at public beaches.

IMG_8495A strange thing I saw there was some stuff on the beach, it looked like pieces of bones. Coral beaches are normally formed by detrital products of coral and bones of other marine life washed out by the sea. I guess the extras I saw might be due to some kind of erosion.

I collected a few pieces, its so smooth like marble.

There are several 5-star hotels at Flic en Flac. Most of the hotels have exclusive use of the beach in front of it. Lots of beach villas too. Flic en Flac is very popular among foreigners.

Needless to mention the sunset like any beaches is stunning !!


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