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Coorg – The Scotland of India

Posted on: August 4, 2009

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Coorg or Kodagu lies in south-western Karnataka.

We made a trip to Coorg for the Diwali holidays. It was actually our first holiday destination after wedding. Both Ram and I have been to Coorg in our college days. My friend Rashmi was from Coorg, she arranged our stay in a Bed and breakfast (B&B) in Coorg. Even if you have no friends from Coorg, there is a tourist office just where you alight the bus, they could assist you in finding a proper lodging.

We took a night bus to Coorg and reached there early morning. The climate was just right and the place was real nice. It was a relief to be out of Bangalore traffic and pollution.

After settling down, taking a shower and having our breakfast we set forth to Kushalnagar. On the way we stopped by at the Dubare, which is an elephant capturing and training camp of the Forest Department of Coorg. There was a boat which took us to the main camp area. Elephants are the animals I love the most and it was beau to watch the tamed elephants bath in the river.


On the way you can stop at Nisargadhama which is a wild life sanctuary. Since we both had been there earlier and didnt want to spent time in a wild life sanctuary, we went straight to Namdroling Tibetan Monastery at Bylakuppe.




This is one must see place in Coorg!! When I had been to Bylakuppe during my college days I was lucky enough to see a convocation ceremony. There was dances and music, and it felt like we were actually in Tibet:-)

After lunch and a little shopping at Bylakuppe, we visited Abbey falls. There was a sign board not to go down the bridge near the falls, but rebels are there everywhere and we could see a bunch of teenagers frolicking.


The next day we just went around the main town shopping and also visited a near by park which is also another tourist spot called Raja’s seat. We just relaxed and admired the serene beauty of the green valley!!


Only on our return journey we realized that Diwali got over, we never realized it whilst staying in Coorg.


1 Response to "Coorg – The Scotland of India"

You will make sure all people reading the blog visit Coorg :).

I really feel like going there during the convocation time with the whole festive feel.

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