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Karkadaka Masam in 2010

Posted on: August 8, 2010

Location: Religion/ Occasions / Karkadaka masam in 2010

Karkadaka Masam – കര്‍ക്കടക മാസം (Jul17-Aug16, 2010)

This year with my baby around (Veda is just 9 months), I couldnt manage reading Ramayana, but both Ram and me, make it a point to play the Ramayana audio version.

Now speaking more abt karkadaka masam, in kerala normally Hindu families normally dont begin or conduct any auspicious function during this month.

Also another thing that I have  noticed is many people expire in this month. So maybe to guard all from evil spirits people recite the Ramayana. Like I have mentioned earlier nothing can be more pious and sacred than reading or hearing Ramayana! maybe because other religious scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Vedas or Upanishads  can not be understood easily by a common man.

In 2010 Karkadaka vavu is on Monday Aug 9. So another year passes with no ‘vavu bali’, but  Im  sure to prepare the proper ‘vavu ada’ this time as I manage to get plantain leaf.


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