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Shahi tukda

Posted on: August 31, 2010

Location: Culinary / Sweets / Shahi Tukda

One of my favorite sweet dish. Well I guess I love most sweet dish. I always prefer the dessert part in any buffet or meals 😉

I have been looking for an easy recipe for Shahi tukda. I have had it many times in hyd and blore. I had planned to make it using rabri mix available in the grocery. But unfortunately the stock was over, so I made my own recipe. Ultimately I am not sure if u can call it Shahi tukda. But it does taste awesome and authentic.

The basic recipe calls for frying bread in ghee and then soaking them in thick milk (like boiling milk to 1/4original content..time consuming). So I thickened milk using sooji/semolina 😉 heheh


3 bread slices cut in four(I used the edges too)

1 cup milk

2 tbsp rava/sooji/ semolina

5 tbsp sugar

ghee/ butter (for frying bread)

3 tbsp condensed milk

pistachios and badam for garnish

– fry bread in butter

– boil milk in a saucepan\, add cardamom  powder

– add sooji and sugar to boiling milk and let it cook for a couple of minutes

– then add condensed milk

– now pour this on to the  fried bread

– garnish with pistas and badam.


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