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Black Forest Cake

Posted on: September 17, 2010

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My first successful trial baking a pastry cake. I guess it was really easy, the only tough part was whipping the cream as I dint have an electric mixer. It took me and hour or so to do the whipping. Seeing my effort, Ram bought me an electric mixer 🙂 .

I have started using the cake recipe for my pastry cakes from the zebra cake recipe


For the chocolate cake

Powdered Sugar -1 cup

Eggs – 2 nos

All purpose flour/ maida – 1 cup

Baking powder – 2 teaspoon

Cocoa powder – 2 teaspoon

Vanilla essence – 2 teaspoon

Milk – 1/2 cup

Oil – 1/2 cup

– In a bowl, beat eggs and sugar till smooth using a wire whisk

– add vanilla essence, milk and oil to the sugar-egg mixture

– In a separate bowl, sieve flour, baking powder and cocoa powder

– then transfer the flour mixture to the bowl containing sugar-egg mixture, one spoon at a time and fold in

– check for consistency and add more flour if required

– This picture is taken from the original Zebra cake recipe link to get an idea of the consistency of the cake mix

– I baked the cake in 2 parts.

– grease the microwave dish and pour 1/2 the cake mix

– baking time would be around 6-7 min for each trip, not on very high power.

– once cake is risen and looks dry, then try inserting toothpick to see it its done.

– Like I have mentioned in my earlier microwave oat bran cake, if overdone it might become like biscuit..so stay put near the microwave till the cake is done..

– let it cool .. 15 min..then run knife through the edges and lift a little using spoon.

– place aluminum foil on a plate and invert microwave dish on to it..

– then let it cool further.

– It doesn’t luk as beautiful as a sponge cake baked in oven but does taste wonderful and its soft

For the Icing

Whipped cream – 240 ml small pack (2 small packs if u have an icing bag and want to do some decoration on top of the cake)

Icing sugar – 3 tablespoon

– once u start ur baking, place a steel vessel in freezer for whipping

– take a tray of ice in plastic bowl(the bowl shld be big enough to contain the steel vessel)

– pour the whipped cream into the steel vessel and place the steel vessel into the plastic bowl.

– start whipping. if manually using a whisk, you should whip in a zig-zag manner rather than circles. this helps whipping.

– once it stiffens, add sugar and whisk further till u get really stiff peaks. Check for sweetness and then add more sugar if required

Sugar Syrup

water – 1/2 cup

sugar – 1/2 cup

vanilla essence – 2tsp

– mix all the ingredients well

– actual recipes call for boiling the water with sugar syrup. hehhe .. I like things done faster and quick. so I skipped boiling the sugar syrup. The cake did taste wonderful

For the pastry cake

cherries / mixed fruit jam (Ram and I hate cherries, so I opted for using jam ;-))

cooking chocolate/  ready made chocolate chips

–  if the cakes are not in regular shape, place one on top of the other and cut the edges so as to get a uniform shape

– now take one portion of the cake and using a spoon pour the sugar syrup on top of it.

– then using a knife spread the icing on top of the cake

– place cherries or jam on top of the icing

– now place the next piece of cake on top of the first one.

– once again pour the sugar syrup

– now spread the icing on top of the cake and on the sides.

– it doesnt matter if it isnt a neat spread or cake crumbles appear on the icing because we r going to put chocolate chips on the cake

– now sprinkle chocolate chips / grated cooking chocolate on top and sides of the cake.

– once again decorate with cherries/ jam

– if u have an icing bag and more icing u can decorate the top of the cake.

– place it in refrigerator for sometime and then serve

I bought a small pack of whipped cream, as this was my first trail, so didnt have much for decorting the cake. the second time I baked a pastry cake was for our anniversary, I bought a very big pack of whipped cream. I actually overdid my icing 🙂


6 Responses to "Black Forest Cake"

hi sreeni…tat cake looks yummy..even i lack an electric mixer…will follow ur path to get one…haha…any special occasion for the cake??

hey thanx susa…ur death by chocolate cake too luked delicious.. 😉
no spl occasion..just time pass.. learning to make cake :-)..but now Ram definitely isnt goin to buy any pastries for me ..:-) he got me the electric mixer..so think before following my path;-)

enjoyed both of them…. the anniversary cake was just perfect 😉

haha…thanx for the advice…o had made tat chocolate cake using a cake mix…but i did try one chocolate cake later n it came out well…i watch RACHEN ALLEN BAKE program on the TRAVEL AND LIVING CHANNEL….do u get it ter..???i had tried brownies..and they also have come out well…scared to try other flavours thinkin that the egg taste may stand out…happy bakin…

hey no we dont get that channel :-(.. i try out from diff sites..well for my pastry cakes i do use eggs..but for the regular cakes i skip eggs.. i use yogurt instead..now i have read we can use flax seed to replace eggs..so i wanna try that out too..
well just add more vanilla essence, also u can try pineapple essence, strawberry essence…it tastes gud…so egg flavour doenst stand out..

yup will do tat n let u know…

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