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Happy Bday Ram

Posted on: October 1, 2010

This time my baking wasnt a success. I replaced eggs with Flax seed, the cake wasnt very moist like the previous ones I had baked and it didnt taste all that gud either..

Sorry Ram maybe we can have a better cake for Veda’s birthday 🙂


3 Responses to "Happy Bday Ram"

i liked ur decoration on the cake…wat were the cake flavours??y did u replace eggs with flax seeds??did it taste different??

Thanx susa..hehe i didnt liek it.. i wiped my top layer icing 3 times and finaly settled for the milk choco chips 🙂
well it was vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.. heheh

well aentha paraya…heheh health conscious.. so thot of omitting egg and goin for flax seed..it didnt taste all that nice..also vanilla cake seemed a little brown and so u can guess even strawberrry seemed light brown..also it wasnt very mosit..more like a pie or puddin …

whatsoever, the cakes look awesome and Veda’s B’Day cake was wonderful…:)

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