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A good cooking depends on either a passion for cooking or a sense of a good taste. I believe passion for cooking will increase your sense of good taste. But some like me are born with a sense of good taste but no passion for cooking.

Cooking used to be a horror when my mom forces me into the kitchen. But since I had magical hands, the taste wasn’t all that bad anytime.

Food wouldn’t roll down my throat if it wasn’t tasting good. I preferred starving to eating something tasteless. So cooking turned out to be necessity because of my sense of taste. I love eating!!

After wedding it was among the primary skills required as my husband was novice in culinary skills. Now here started my experiments with cooking. Friends and relatives turned out to be the guinea pigs!! But all loved my cooking.

I believe in fast and simple cooking. Cooking isn’t a tough job even if u don’t have a sense of it. It can be your survival kit if you check my recipes for your favorite dishes. Once in a while I do follow traditional methods.


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